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Welcome to our review site. We created it in order for you to be aware, which custom writing services are worth your attention, and which should be ignored. Only our site is able to provide you with truthful reviews of all the popular writing services, and we are here to share this information with you.


Today, you can find a huge variety of different custom writing services online. These sites are quite useful in a way, that you can order your home assignment online, instead of writing it by yourself. However, the danger lies in the fact that not all the custom writing services are of high quality, and some of them may even appear to be scam ones.


When looking for a custom writing service online, you probably noticed that almost all of them have similar options and features. They promise you on time delivery, good prices and free items, such as cover page, bibliography, etc. Despite the fact, that all these sites have so many items in common, they have quite a lot of differences as well. Here are the main factors you should pay attention to, when choosing the site for writing:

  • Experience of the company. This site should have not less than 5 years of experience. Otherwise, it may be unprofessional. The more years of experience, the better.
  • Site should have support 24/7. It is very important to have an opportunity to get help online, or to get answers to the questions that interest you. Pay attention to the fact that support should work 24/7. For example, if certain working hours are marked, it should be doubtful, as it means that support team may be unavailable in case of any urgency.
  • Ability to contact the writer. This factor is very important, because you must be sure that you can communicate with the writer and be able to send any clarifications if required. Not all the services can provide you with such an option, that is why it is important to pay attention to this fact.
  • Price policy should be adequate. Some sites tend to make prices too high, while others make them too low. Make sure that prices per page of writing are loyal.


We have performed quite a lot of work in order to collect the reviews for the sites, thus you could check them and choose the one, which is the most suitable for you. Our reviews contain all the required information that can be useful for you in the process of making the right choice. In each review you will find the description of the site, comments about the price policy, quality of support team, written paper and conclusion, in which people, who had experience with this or that site are sharing their final thoughts as for the whole impression from the service.


All you have to do is to find the reviews for the site you would like to make an order from, read them, and make your decision. In addition, we have the information about discounts offered by different sites. So, do not waste any minute – read the reviews and make the right choice! review review and discounts Description It looks like this website has a rule to give as brief information for its customers as possible. You won’t find anything about assignments or writers, there is no really relevant information at all! Though, the web design is not bad at all. Price policy This team is proud of cheap prices. But in fact the prices are rather average and even a little bit high. For instance, the price for one page of the more review review and discounts Description Writing company with well-designed website and attractive prices. However, their support isn’t 24/7 and the language in my paper sounded awkward, like it was written by ESL writer. I shouldn’t have tried to save, as the quality of writing suffered. The first thing I noticed about this website was its appealing design. It also has the categories that all website of this type typically have: samples of papers, testimonials, how-it-works and company description. They also more review review and discounts Description Plain but very attractive design and rather convenient navigation makes a nice website offering writing help. The company also offers tips and tricks for students. These articles may be helpful during the process of writing an essay. Price policy The price depends on the package you choose. In fact, the difference between the packages is not that huge. But even the Standard package with minimum additional services is not cheap. For example, a standard more review review and discounts Description The first thing that attracted my attention to this resource was the name. I needed to do a research and this website seemed to be the right thing. I also looked through testimonials and found out that customers are mostly satisfied with the work they received. So I decided to try and placed an order with this service. I can’t say that I’m totally dissatisfied with the service, but there were several problems which disappointed more review review and discounts Description The site looks rather simple and has a lot of information. One could even spend hours reading it and trying to find necessary information. I prefer sites that have spent more money on their web design, but not on copywriting. As for impressions, they are obscure. Not that I was disappointed with the paper, but I was not impressed as well. Services The site offers a wide range of services, such as admission essay, article, more review review and discounts Description I only got C for my paper. So this is the level of professionalism. Usability In general, I would say that there are too many banners and ads on this website. Everything is blinking and flickering – it’s quite annoying. I could tolerate it once, but I’m not sure I will be able to stand it ever again. The range of services this company offers is large. They do essays and research papers, dissertations; they more